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As first time lot owners in our dream community and starting our own little family, we had zero clue on how to build our dream home. Yes, Pinterest is there, which provided us with lots of options on how we want it to look like, but what the first step is, we really had no idea.

We asked around some family and friends, and when we finally consulted the first ever architect we came upon (special thanks to our wedding godparents), not only did he give us his precious time that Saturday in January of 2019, but also patiently explained to us the ins and outs of constructing a home— from the high-level to answering our very specific questions. Though it was merely a friendly consultation with no strings attached, we were really impressed with how Arch. Topi thought about our family’s lifestyle and priorities that when he presented a proposal to us, we simply had to get him to do our family home. Note that even though we were initially thinking of a real modern-looking house, Arch. Topi’s own style made us feel like we’ll be living in a resort! Not to mention the amount of effort he put into the layout of the rooms— meticulously explaining his thought process and how he considered all elements (particularly the wind and placement of the sun) to maximize the use of a space.

Needless to say, the entire process of designing and covering the specifics of the home is unbelievably tedious. But, Arch. Topi made sure to guide us every step of the way, even until the last parts of construction! As first time home owners, we don’t have any idea how the design process works, but one of the things we would never forget is how patiently Arch. Topi also explained to us even the codes associated with electrical and plumbing, so we know how to read the architectural plans properly and raise any concerns right away. He also has a remarkable ability to thoroughly document collective discussions between owners and overlapping suppliers, which aided us a lot when something did not tie up especially with agreed timelines or workmanship. During site inspections, we also relied heavily on his photos and summarized comments, making it easier for us to follow up with suppliers or call them out if needed. And speaking of suppliers, Arch. Topi was also able to connect us with various suppliers who were crucial in building our dream home. 

All in all, we are truly grateful to have chosen Arch. Topi for designing the perfect family home for us! We could not recommend him enough and if we ever get the courage to embark on this journey again in the future, we would definitely source his services again through UNA.

Anton and Charlene Suarez

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