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As the home faces the morning sun, it is important to take advantage of this condition without overexposing the interiors to unwanted light, heat, and glare. The strategic placement of the feature wall and window openings, complemented by planters, allows the users to enjoy the scenery, optimum lighting, and ventilation in comfort.

The feature wall, aside from its functional purpose, was conceptualized to serve as a “shadow canvas.” During the day, the louvered canopy above it casts constantly moving shadows following the sun’s movement. At night, the planters beside it are illuminated which casts shadows that move as the plants are swayed by the evening breeze. This concept allows one to appreciate the home in different ways throughout the day.

The “shadow canvas” showcases a playful feature that is unique to the project through the harmonious articulation of both the built and natural environment in the design.

Services: Architecture and Interior Design

Project Size: 325 sqm

Location: Nuvali, Laguna City

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