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The design for this bedroom renovation harmoniously integrates relaxation, work and exercise into the spaces and are unified through the use of unique and multi-functional elements.

A portal demarcates the anteroom from the bedroom while allowing natural light and air to be enjoyed by both spaces. It frames the window view and the anteroom’s accent wall, and doubles as a built-in storage with an altar niche.

A feature wall system with slatted partitions conceals the private office and similarly invites light and air from the bedroom. Furthermore, this wall frames the entertainment console, showcases the client’s collection and memorabilia, provides office storage, and ultimately echoes the formal symmetry of the bed and side tables.

Cloud-like finished walls accentuate each space and act as a unifying element, while visually adding contrasting modern elegance from the warm and traditional general interiors.

Services: Interior Design

Project Size: 38 sqm

Location: Imus, Cavite

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