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Inspired by the experiences of our clients throughout the pandemic, our team conceptualized a home that embodies the enduring principles of the "Bahay na Bato" while infusing our unique artistic interpretation.

By symbolically integrating the notion of "bato" (stone), which adorns the home's façade, representing challenges and adversities, the design underscores the belief that behind every challenge lies beautiful and promising opportunities, contingent upon one's perspective.

Fronting southwest, which typically encounters the sun's peak intensity, the use of stone serves a dual purpose. It shields the dwelling from excessive heat and sunlight while concurrently serving as a prominent design element.

The holistic design of the home harmonizes with the prevailing environmental conditions. It integrates the natural contours of the land, harnesses natural illumination and airflow, and fosters spaces that open up to magnificent vistas. This deliberate approach ensures unrivaled comfort and delight for its occupants.

Services: Architecture and Interior Design

Project Size: 685 sqm

Location: Antipolo City

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